About Me

  • Feb 1987 - Born and brought up in Shanghai, China
  • Jun 2009 - Majored in French literature from Shanghai Normal University
  • Apr 2010 - Taught Chinese in two colleges in Paris, France for 1 year
  • Aug 2013 - Taught Chinese to expats in Shanghai, China for 3 years
  • Aug 2013 - Also worked as project manager in 3D computer graphic company
  • Oct 2013 - Married an Indian, came to India to settle in Hyderabad,AP,India
  • Jan 2014 - Currently working as freelance Chinese language instructor

Our Courses

Below is the comprehensive list of courses offered

Cross Culture Training

For a person or company planning to set up a business partnership in China.

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Business Chinese

For employees or entrepreneurs planning to work in China.

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Chinese For Kids

For kids looking to learn a new language for cognitive skill development.

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Translation & Interpretation

For companies or delegations that need help in handling Chinese documentation.

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Test Preparation

For people looking to enroll in Chinese universities for undergraduate/graduate programs.

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Trade Assistance

For entrpereneurs who want to source items from China.

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“Brahma eastern soil, Twin lotus flowers – 400-700 AD India-China sculpture art exhibition” opened in Sichuan Museum..."

21 Jul

Top 10 Chinese Film Beauties

In Chinese, people often use masterpieces to compare to beauties. Nowadays, in the film industry the economic and social...

07 Jul

Chinese Style "Kung Pao Chicken"

Reading the news that Angela Merkel, the German chancellor learned to cook “Kung Pao Chicken” during her visit in Chengdu...

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Cross Culture Training

Are you sending your employees to China on business? China has a very unique culture and understanding the finer nuances of dealing with Chinese people is a must for successfull business trip.

In this program you will get an introduction about China, how to greet people in China, Chinese table and dining manners, Business Etiquette, do's and don'ts in Chinese work place and tips to socialize with Chinese people to build a long lasting trust.

This program is for minimum of 8 hrs duration. By the end of this program, you will be able to get clearer picture of China and Chinese people and be able to creat good relationship in work environment.

Business Chinese

Business Chinese is a more professional way of communicating in Chinese language. The words and sentences used in business Chinese are different from those used in colloquial Chinese. If you are going to work in China for a longer duration, some understanding and usage of Business Chinese is a must.

This program is for a minimum of 50 hrs (Basic) and can extend to 250 hrs or more (Advanced) if one wants to master the language. At the end of the 50 hrs program, you should be able to communicate in Chinese with your business partner at a basic level.

Chinese For Kids

A child is born with the ability to learn any language in the world and the earlier a child starts learning a new language the quicker he/she can master the language. And with China growing at a massive pace to become the world's largest economy, it is imperative that a person with Chinese language skills has much better career prospects.

Having taught various expat kids in Shanghai, China; I offer a tailored program for kids using more visual aides, crafts and story telling concepts. Major focus goes into teaching various words, meanings, root words and some simple sentences. The minimum duration is 50 hrs. At the end of the program, kids can get the phonetics right and can also speak few words and sentences in Chinese.

Chinese Translation & Interpretation

With China becoming the factory of the world, there is a growing need for translation of various scientific documents & professional contracts from Chinese to English and vice versa.

Having a good command on both English and Chinese and a good exposure on contractual terms, I can offer professional Chinese language content translation & interpretation service. Till now we have done the content translation for sports news, law claims, medical documentation and machinery manuals. Our translation & interpretation service charges are very reasonable and we won praises from the customers for the quality of delivered work.

Test Preparation

People's Republic of China offers a standardized Mandarin Chinese proficiency test called HSK. This test is designed for non-native learners and is offered throughout the world. HSK enables people to enroll in Chinese universities and is useful certificate in the job market. Levels go from the elementary HSK1 to the advanced HSK6.

In this program, you will be offered a special HSK oriented training by combining HSK practice questions, HSK sample and mock tests, and vocabulary training. Our test preparation has 1000s of authentic, timed HSK practice questions and detailed performance analytics.

Trade Assistance

In the last 30 years, trade between various countries and China grew at a massive pace. China has become world's factory and entrepreneurs in many countries are importing goods from China and selling them in their local markets. Along with the booming trade, various fraudlent deals also emerged in the recent period.

Due to lack of language skills, access to China market and support system in China, many entrepreneurs are becoming helpless inface of fraudelent activity by some Chinese companies.

We can do background research and filter reliable companies for your specific requirement, communicate with those suppliers, get the best offers and maintain the communication channel to ensure that you get what you are promised within the timeline.